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    Binface’s teletext manifesto featured on ‘The Last Leg’

    Count Binface’s teletext-ised election manifesto has been featured on the 6/12/19 edition of Channel 4’s late night talk show The Last Leg with Adam Hills. I can’t claim credit for the policies, but I did convert them to teletext for Count B. You can read the whole thing on TEEFAX, or view the lower video…

  • Interview: Whatever Happened to Teletext? Daily Telegraph

    Teletext is the subject of a new article by Tom Hoggins, writer of the Telegraph’s Retro Tech series. Charting the fate of ‘the Internet of its time’, this excellent write-up features interviews with the legendary Mr Biffo and not-so-legendary Illarterate bloke. (You know, him off this website.) Read the interview here. (Requires free registration)

  • Interview: Teletext’s Creative Legacy, WePresent

    Craig Oldham at WePresent has written an article on the Internet’s role in the development of teletext art post-analogue switchoff. Included is a gallery of artwork by myself and Steve Horsley, as well as some of my comments on how teletext art is a useful introduction to graphic design concepts. I suppose I just have…

  • Illarterate’s ITAF 2013 artwork rebroadcast on YLE Text

    YLE Text are currently rebroadcasting some of Illarterate’s artwork from the 2013 International Teletext Art Festival. It is a little known fact, but the Finnish public service have been continuously hosting teletext art for a while now. The Museum of Teletext Art has been running since 2014, and to date has featured the work of…

  • Illarterate @ Wigan Arts Festival 2017

    A Wigan-themed ‘not Bamboozle’ quiz and exhibition of ‘The Lens’ teletext service for Wigan Arts Festival and ‘Bring Your Own Beamer Wigan’ at the Old Courts. View the Flickr photoset Play Wiganboozle on Teefax View ‘The Lens’ on Teefax

  • Illarterate Teletextmas 2016

    Illarterate Teletextmas card 2016

    A new teletext Christmas card for December 2016.

  • Joojon John

    New article: Teletext Fest 2016 retrospective for Digitiser2000

    Read it! Goujon John shall continue staring at you until you do so. Can’t be swayed by his piercing gaze? Then perhaps you’ll be interested in this little run-down of events at the first Text Fest in Cambridge earlier this month. It’s more of an extended diary entry than a review, but that didn’t stop…

  • New interview: ‘Not a silent titan’ for Mistigris

    Ever wanted to know about those messages I send to my mistress via teletext? Or how on earth you can get away with printing lime green text on a magenta background? Or what the pixel artists of teletext’s heyday are doing now? If you answered ‘no’ to all those questions, bear in mind I only…

  • New article: Teletext at Republica Festival 2016

    Whoever said teletext was a peculiarly British thing? Certainly not the enthusiastic fans I spoke to at Block Party Berlin earlier this month. Alright, I’ll admit it was I that suggested the medium is only ‘understood’ by people here in the UK. But I was wrong, for Europe has an even greater appetite, were that…

  • Illarterate Teletextmas Card 2015

    New for 2015: an extra frame of animation!

  • Teletext Dating @Small Cinema Liverpool

    A selection of templates for the Liverpool Small Cinema @TeletextDating project initiated for BFI’s Love Film season.

  • Videotext Vixens – German chatline teletext art in 2015 (18+)

    I wasn’t brave enough to add this to my portfolio, mostly because I created none of the pages exhibited… although I dearly wish I did. Here’s a compilation of chatline art from German teletext in July 2015. This is the censored edition which attempts to conform to YouTube Community Guidelines, but I have no idea…

  • Videotext Forever – 35 Years of ARD Text

    Today, 1st June 2015, marks the 35th anniversary of German teletext service ARD Text. To celebrate its role in the survival of teletext as an artistic medium, here are a handful of pages remembering other events and technologies from the space year 1980.

  • Error Map of the UK

    The most important parts of the United Kingdom mapped out in HTML. Best viewed via the images here, since the original web page only works properly in Internet Explorer. But if you really want to view it in your browser, click here.