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Press kit

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Artist statement

Dan Farrimond teletext selfieTeletext is one of the purest forms of digital art, established in the 1970s and used widely to this day, which is great testament to the medium.

It’s uncomplicated, simple, and you could pick it up within an hour. Yet at the same time, it’s capable of so much more than football results or lists of stock market fluctuations.

Early teletext art involved entering blocks of data with clunky keyboards. Technology has developed considerably since then – scanners, mice, styluses and various accessories have made the process of creating teletext art much easier.

But the maxim ‘teletext is for text’ remains true to this day. Hence, making teletext art feels as though you’re doing something you’re not supposed to, and it’s that danger that attracts me to it.

So why teletext? Well, why not teletext? I believe it’s as addictive as refreshing a Twitter page constantly.

But most of all, teletext art is fun – it never takes itself too seriously.

Dan Farrimond, Teletext Artist


See here. Images may be used for journalistic purposes with credit to @illarterate or Dan Farrimond. Others available on request.

Selected press coverage

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🇦🇹 Teletext: What the ORF medium can do  Anna Gasteiger, (30 June 2023).

👾 Preserving Our Past  Paul Monaghan, Pixel Addict Magazine Issue 12 (1 June 2023) – Interview segment.

🗞️ Text appeal: Ceefax recreated by 20-year-old Northern Irish man Jim Waterson, The Guardian (5 January 2022)

🇫🇮 The coronavirus made a notch in the pages of Teletext, but then the Finnish poet got the idea: Poems began to be published instead of canceled event information Helsingin Sanomat (17 April 2020) [Finnish]

🇪🇸 Do you miss the style of teletext? With these fonts and tools you can recreate it on your website José María López, Hipertextual (30 December 2019) [Spanish]

🗞️ Whatever happened to Ceefax and Teletext, the internet of its time? Tom Hoggins, The Daily Telegraph (29 November 2019)

🇨🇭 Who actually reads the teletext? Luca Fontana, (24 October 2018) [German] – Artwork

📔 ‘Hidden Treasure’ teletext feature, Computer Shopper Magazine (November 2018) – Interview, Page 111

👽 The Search for Extra-Teletextual Intelligence, Widerscreen 20, 1-2 (15 June 2017) – Art for Academic Paper

📃 ‘You can do really crazy things’: artwork created using teletext in Cambridge, Cambridge News (26 February 2017)

🇨🇿 Teletext – technological normcore. The Czechs love him humble, lenders and artists, Czech Radio (20 December 2016) [Czech]

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📺  Teletext artist turning news into art in Germany, BBC News (8 September 2016)

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Dan Farrimond, Teletext related Q&A, [Web Archive link] Nicholas Lo Turco, Another Original Blog (26 January 2015)

📃 Teletext Art by Dan Farrimond, [Web Archive link] Robert Foster, Canvas by Grolsch (15 September 2014)

🌍 ITAF14 Teletext Art Prize Winners: Press Release, (12 September 2014)

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🕹️ Steam Release: NPPD Rush: The Milk of Ultra Violet feat. teletext artwork by Dan Farrimond (13 February 2014) (Press release)

📔 Interview with Computer Arts [Web Archive link] for the 2013 International Teletext Art Festival by Neil Bennett (21 August 2013)

🌍 Teletext Unplugged: ITAF12, Wired Magazine (6 June 2012)


📘 ARD Text Teletext Colouring Book (June 2016) – All pixel art design

📕 ‘Stuck On You: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Panini Stickers’, ISBN 978-91-87957-20-8/978-91-87957-25-3 (February 2016) – Front cover design & interview

📔 Grafismo: The Block Party Returns, ISSN 2386-6950 (25 July 2015), author – a retrospective of the 2012 International Teletext Art Festival

📕 ‘Teletext in Europe’, ISBN-13: 978-1785310065 (March 2015) – Interview