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    Binface’s teletext manifesto featured on ‘The Last Leg’

    Count Binface’s teletext-ised election manifesto has been featured on the 6/12/19 edition of Channel 4’s late night talk show The Last Leg with Adam Hills.

    I can’t claim credit for the policies, but I did convert them to teletext for Count B. You can read the whole thing on TEEFAX, or view the second video below for that full Pages From BINFAX experience.

  • Videotext Vixens – German chatline teletext art in 2015 (18+)

    I wasn’t brave enough to add this to my portfolio, mostly because I created none of the pages exhibited… although I dearly wish I did. Here’s a compilation of chatline art from German teletext in July 2015. This is the censored edition which attempts to conform to YouTube Community Guidelines, but I have no idea…