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  • Interview: “Teletext Art is about more than nostalgia”, Creative Bloq

    Following the success of a major fast food chain’s new teletext-inspired TV advertisement, I was asked to write a few words for art and design website Creative Bloq.

    These interviews tend to represent the teletext-related stuff I’ve recently been throwing around in my mind. Since the Mega-Zine article is soon to go live at, this one includes a bit about a zany icon in the top corner of the section, which is a memorable part of my teletext past.

  • Interview: Preserving Our Past, Pixel Addict Magazine

    This month’s Pixel Addict Magazine includes a special feature on the preservation of computing and technology, including (amongst many other things) an interview with a certain tele(text) addict.

    It’s been a while since my last one, so I’ve had the chance to remember cool “new” teletext-related stuff! For the very first time in print, I explain my (recently recovered) submissions to the Mega-Zine, and how I wasn’t even the first teletext artist in my family.

  • Interview: Whatever Happened to Teletext? Daily Telegraph

    Teletext is the subject of a new article by Tom Hoggins, writer of the Telegraph’s Retro Tech series.

    Charting the fate of ‘the Internet of its time’, this excellent write-up features interviews with the legendary Mr Biffo and not-so-legendary Illarterate bloke. (You know, him off this website.)

  • Interview: Teletext’s Creative Legacy, WePresent

    Craig Oldham at WePresent has written an article on the Internet’s role in the development of teletext art post-analogue switchoff.

    Included is a gallery of artwork by myself and Steve Horsley, as well as some of my comments on how teletext art is a useful introduction to graphic design concepts. I suppose I just have to go and learn those concepts now, eh?

  • Joojon John

    New article: Teletext Fest 2016 retrospective for Digitiser2000

    Read it! Goujon John shall continue staring at you until you do so.

    Can’t be swayed by his piercing gaze? Then perhaps you’ll be interested in this little run-down of events at the first Text Fest in Cambridge earlier this month. It’s more of an extended diary entry than a review, but that didn’t stop us all reading (watching?) Bridget Jones’ effort.

    Disclaimer: the article linked below contains zero references to Bridget Jones. (Whoopee.)

  • New interview: ‘Not a silent titan’ for Mistigris

    Ever wanted to know about those messages I send to my mistress via teletext? Or how on earth you can get away with printing lime green text on a magenta background? Or what the pixel artists of teletext’s heyday are doing now?

    If you answered ‘no’ to all those questions, bear in mind I only typed that first paragraph for the purposes of shameless clickbait. I mean, hey – even the BBC are up to it now, so why shouldn’t I join in?

    And anyway, weren’t all teletext headlines juicy, well-formatted clickbait of the 70s?

  • New article: Teletext at Republica Festival 2016

    Whoever said teletext was a peculiarly British thing? Certainly not the enthusiastic fans I spoke to at Block Party Berlin earlier this month.

    Alright, I’ll admit it was I that suggested the medium is only ‘understood’ by people here in the UK. But I was wrong, for Europe has an even greater appetite, were that even possible, for Videotext.

    For proof, see my Block Party article at Transdiffusion. I promise it isn’t too long! And if you did indeed want a lengthier read… you can, er, go through it twice… I guess.