Be warned! The links on this page might well take you out into the wide world of the web. But do not fear, for you’ll find they are very friendly there. Say hello and they might even offer you a cup of tea.


ARD Text – Public teletext in Germany.

Keith Bloody Mary – Exquisite collage specialist.

Railslave Games – Designers of NPPD Rush and Selfie amongst others.

Re-Dock – Community art & tech projects.

Retrotext – Teletext-inspired merchandise.

Retro Unlim – Bringing yesterday’s news today.

Sam Meech – Fellow appreciator of the 8-bit aesthetic.

Sarah Burgess – The world’s premier teletext artist/poet.

Stuart Brand – IT guy, console creator. Not to be confused with the US writer.

YLE Teksti-TV – Finnish public teletext.

Teletext resources

Edit-TF online teletext editor – works in your browser.

MUTTLEE – The Multi User Teletext Live Editing Environment.